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Social media marketing is no longer optional for businesses. Irrespective of the industry type and size, it has become imperative that every business have a strong social media presence—one that empowers your business to engage your target audience and build a lasting relationship with them.

However, selecting the right social media platform is key. In this blog, we will explore useful tips on how you can do just that. Let’s get going.

Think About Your Social Media Marketing Goals

The first ask is to understand what your social media marketing goals are:

  • Do you wish to expand reach?
  • Do you want to boost brand awareness?
  • Do you want to generate more leads that are similar to your ideal customers?
  • Do you want to engage with users and focus on improving your customer service via social media platforms?
  • Do you wish to boost traffic to your website?
  • Do you want to learn about your target audience’ interests, wants, pain-points, and so on?

Think about your short and long-term end goals, and then you can narrow down on the social media platform to market your product/service on. Remember that selecting the right channel is half the job done. With the right message put out to the right target audience, your brand can grow leaps and bounds.

Think About Your Brand’s Aesthetics and Intrinsic Personality

If there’s one thing you take away from this blog, let it be this tip: Think about whether or not your brand is conceptually suited for the social media channel. For example, if your product/service is aesthetically pleasing and visually-driven, being on LinkedIn will be a waste of efforts. Instead, you’d benefit from opting for more visual-centric channels such as Instagram or Pinterest.

On the other hand, if your brand routinely launches more real time events and is big on events, opt for platforms such as Facebook or TikTok. If it is solely video-driven, consider going on YouTube, and so on. The baseline is that your brand’s intrinsic personality should mirror the platform’s core USPs.

Think about How Many Platforms You Wish to Be Active On

As tempting as it might be, kill the urge to be active on every platform out there. Instead, select two or three platforms and direct your social media strategy efforts into them. After all, you don’t want to end up boring your customers with the same content on Facebook, then Instagram, then TikTok—you get the drift, right? When it comes to nailing your social media strategy, choose quality over quantity—always!.

Pro tip: As per a recent ‘Digital 2021: Global Overview’ report, the top-four most widely used platforms are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Summing It Up

Creating a social media strategy that works takes a lot of effort, research, and time. Given the number of options available today, choosing the apt ones could be daunting. In fact, according to Statista, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top three most used social platforms among global marketers. If you are not sure about which platform to go with and want a trusted marketing expert on board, hire a Hiero to help. We are here to cater to your personalized digital marketing needs and help boost your online presence.

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